General Knowledge about Coffee

If one asks about how much coffee should one drink per day, there can be no standard to justify that. It depends on preferences and physical conditions of the consumers. Generally, drinking for the taste and pleasure would be appropriate. However, please observe other conditions as follow:

Can drinking coffee in the evening cause insomnia? Many people have some experiences. However, coffee affects bodies differently for different people. If one is afraid of insomnia, one should drink less. Coffee has diuretic effect that can make one wake up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet and interrupt the sleep.
Should a pregnant woman drink some coffee? Because the caffeine in coffee will affect the baby's internal organs that are still frail, coffee should not be consumed.

Young children should not drink coffee, especially children under 10 years old.
A woman, who gave birth for no more than 100 days and is still breast-feeding the baby, should not drink coffee because, during the first 100 days, the baby needs pure milk from the mother. Anything consumed can affect the baby. So, please be careful.

People with gastritis should refrain from coffee because caffeine will stimulate the gastric juice in the stomach, and, further increase the gastric acid for more inflammation.
People with heart disease should not drink coffee because caffeine increases heartbeats and yields more blood. It may not be so dangerous to young people to drink the coffee. However, if the elderly have heart diseases, it can make the hearts perform too much and be in degenerative conditions soon. Drinking coffee should be avoided.

[Source: Bangkok Business Newspaper on Friday, February 11th, 2543 B.E.]

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