Benefits of coffee

  1. Drinking coffee regularly helps prevent a disease caused by hepatitis-B virus. Researchers have proved that coffee is helpful in preventing the disease.
  2. Drinking coffee regularly helps prevent asthma, which is a kind of allergic reactions. Generally, when the backup nervous system is not triggered, asthma will not attack easily. However, if the backup sensory nerve cells are triggered, asthma will attack immediately. Additionally, caffeine in coffee can restrain the tension of the sensory nerve cells that will reduce the symptoms of asthma.
  3. Drinking coffee regularly reduces the liver disease from alcohol. According to a survey by an academic, coffee reduces the harmful effect to the liver. However, further research must be done to study which substances yield that beneficial effect, and, whether there are some other causes that can induce cirrhosis, besides alcohol.
  4. Drinking coffee regularly helps prevent liver cancer, bowel cancer, and oral cancer. According to results from actual experiment, coffee is found to effectively prevent the early stage of those diseases, especially the acetic acid in caffeine, which helps prevent the diseases.
  5. Drinking coffee regularly helps reduce aging. Oxygen is a substance that is really essential to the body. However, if there is too much oxygen, it can increase the opportunities for cancer and aging. Particularly strong coffee can break up oxide that will reduce the possibilities of cancers, and, stimulate the metabolism in the body.
  6. Drinking coffee regularly helps reduce cholesterol and prevent heart disease. Nicotine in coffee, not the same type as of tobacco, is rather a kind of vitamin B complex that the body needs to reduce cholesterol in the blood vessel. Therefore, it prevents heart disease and vascular coagulation.
  7. Drinking coffee regularly helps dissolve fat. Coffee, which is consumed after meal, can help break up the fat, and, yield compensatory energy so it helps reduce obesity.
  8. Coffee adds beneficial fat to the body that prevents vascular coagulation. According to some research study, people, who drink coffee frequently, are found to have a type of fat (HDL) increased that will eliminate cholesterol and prevent vascular coagulation.
  9. Drinking coffee regularly can be remedy for headaches. Coffee contains caffeine, which can expand the blood vessels, and, has analgesic effects similar to painkillers. Furthermore, it can help increase production of urine, dissolve fat in blood vessel, and relieve headache symptoms because of drinking alcohol.
  10. Drinking coffee regularly helps increase blood flow in the brain and brain efficiency. Experts have concluded the study on this issue that the aroma of coffee helps stimulate the brain to work faster with more concentration that yields better performances because the smell of coffee can increase blood flow in the brain.
  11. Small amount of drinking coffee yields more gastric juices in the stomach that helps fat digestion. Drinking a little coffee after meal, caffeine in coffee is directly beneficial to the stomach. Gastric juices in the stomach and pancreas will increase; fat is metabolized.

[Source: Bangkok Business Newspaper on Friday, February 11th, 2543 B.E.]

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