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Facts and Figures of Success

Date of the event 16-19 May 2010

AL Harithy Company for Exhibitions Ltd.
Jeddah 21511 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Venue Jeddah International Exhibition and Convention Centre
Opening times 24-27 May 2010
Product segment Food and Drink
Figures for the previous event 2009
Exhibitors 175 company from 19 countries.

This annual trio-event is the Kingdoms National Showcase and the Regions International Forum for worldwide suppliers to present their products and services to the broadest spectrum of trade visitors from throughout the Kingdom and neighboring Gulf States. The International flavor is an integral part of the success of the exhibition, with individual and national group participation ensuring high profile visitors. The concurrent prestigious TopChef and Art de Table contests have over the years established a fan base of their own, attracting industry professionals and media coverage. With its location in Jeddah, the gateway of 80% of all foodstuff imports as well as the Kingdoms commercial and tourism centre, food / hotel / propac arabia provides an unrivalled access to the largest food and beverage market in the Middle East.